Lesley Hollingworth was interested in all forms of art and artistic expression from early childhood.lesley

Lesley says “Art was the only thing I felt I was good at, as a youngster”.

Trained in hotel management, and working in the local police station for ten years as a Gaoler made Lesley realize that she was always looking for creative solutions for every day problems .. and became especially interested in Art as a way to provide therapy to people with long term illnesses.

Lesley continued to paint over the years and work in other areas until one day when she was diagnosed with a long term disease in her back. She describes her journey like this:

“I became so ill, I had to spend long periods of time laid in bed, lost the job I adored, and felt the dis-ability take over my life.
It took over two years to get to a place where I could enjoy the normal things of life again and began to paint and make things. It was therapy to me!  I was still ill , but my journey of running my own business had begun!
I had a very strong sense of God’s love and presence throughout the whole time….and I am thankful for the ability to explore the things I’m passionate about for a job!”

I have had a shop at Carsington Water for nearly 2 yrs now – where I sell mine and other Local Artists creations. we have a million visitors a year there as we are a watersports / bicycle hire /nature reserve family centre .

God promised to resource and provide for it and He Has kept His word!

I love making new things and exploring new ideas. I like to do things that are useful and modern – I still love doing all my events so I travel a lot .

I have just finished working with Kevin Mayhew (Distributer to shops)  and now have a NEW COLLECTION coming through in January 2017 – I am delighted to say with POTTERS HOUSE .